Learn to break 90

We all have specific goals and targets for ourselves. However, breaking 90 (or 100 or even 80) might seem out of your reach.

Once you break it down, it might seem a lot more achievable than what you first thought.

  • An extra 10 yards or more off the tee, with more fairways hit. Not reloading or hunting for balls in the trees and rough, already makes for a great walk more often. 
  • Mid-iron approach shots that are consistently on or around the green. That consistency builds confidence. A spring in the step with more birdie opportunities.
  • From inside 40 yards, the ability to get the ball consistently within one-putt range using a range of short-game shots. Stride onto the green, knowing you’re going to save par.
  • Better decisions; better strategies to tackle each hole; risks well taken and risks well avoided. You’ll walk with the right thoughts that hole after hole will improve your scorecard.

Let us know what your golfing goals are and we'll help to develop a personalised plan to make sure that you get that rewarding feeling of not only achieving your goals, but smashing them!

Smash your goals